• EP Henry Retaining Walls

  • EP Henry Retaining Walls Are Beautiful And Effective

    EP Henry retaining walls combine beauty and effectiveness in a way that no other type of retaining wall is able to. When installed by a properly trained concrete contractor they are highly durable and should last a lifetime. The key to achieving this is to hire only a professional concrete contractor to install your retaining wall. Sure it's going to cost more money than hiring a handyman, but you tend to get what you pay for in this world. Do you want to pay for a poorly constructed wall that will likely fail at some point in the future, or would you rather invest in a much more permanent solution?
  • Academy Concrete Is The Professional Concrete Contractor You Have Been Looking For

    Whenever you are having any concrete work done to your property you need to realize that this is your home, and you should only accept the best for it. That means the best materials as well as the best workmanship. If you stick to those standards then you should be served well with concrete work that will look great and last you a lifetime.

    If you are interested in hiring a professional concrete contractor there are a few things you need to look for. First, only hire a concrete contractor that is licensed, bonded, and insured. That's the bare minimum standard that any contractor you are looking at should meet. After ensuring that those minimum standards are met you should next look at the overall reputation of the concrete contractor you are considering. Then you should check their pricing to make sure that they are competitive. All in all, you could spend a good deal of time researching before you are able to find the right concrete contractor for your needs. Or, you could save yourself the effort and just contact us at Academy Concrete. We don't only meet any standards that you are looking for, we are certain we surpass them.