• In addition to being a job that must be carefully planned to avoid damaging your property, concrete excavation is also very physically demanding work. You can't really try to tackle a job like that with a sledgehammer. It's the type of job that requires the use of professional grade tools, used by highly trained contractors. When you hire us at Academy Concrete for your concrete excavation needs we will remove any of your old concrete work, clean up the mess that is made, and leave the area ready for whatever new concrete that you want to have put in.
    We Are Proud To Service The Northeast Philadelphia and Buck County Areas
    While we would love to be able to handle any concrete work that you need to be done, we are restricted to the region of Northeast Philadelphia, Bucks County and the surrounding areas. Concrete excavation and installation requires the use of heavy tools and equipment, and transporting those heavy tools and equipment over long distances doesn't make sense. It would be expensive, and that expense would then have to be passed on to our customers. Since we pride ourselves on providing both outstanding work and great prices, we would never engage in this type of practice. So, if you need concrete excavation or installation done in the Northeast Philadelphia area, then we hope that you will contact us.


  • Our Promise To You Is That You Will Love The Work That We Do
    At Academy Concrete we take a great deal of pride in what we do. We won't treat you as just another customer. When we are working on your property you are our number one priority, and we will treat you that way. If you have questions we will answer them. If you want to know why something is being done in a certain way, we will be happy to explain it to you. We understand that this is your home, and like any homeowner, you care about what is being done to it.
    Our main goal with each job that we do is to leave you thrilled with the results. If you aren't happy then we aren't happy. If that means having to redo parts of the job to get it up to the standards that we expect from ourselves, then that's exactly what we will do. The bottom line is that at Academy Concrete you will find a team of dedicated professionals that will go above and beyond to do the best job possible for you.